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Crossings Republik Resale Properties

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Crossings Republic Resale Properties - Distress Sale Properties only:

Panchsheel Greens-1, Crossings Republik      792 sqft             2 BHK, Road Facing, open parking, upper floor, Registry done, RTM @ 31 lacs all incl  

Panchsheel Greens-1, Crossings, Republik     1730 sqft           3 BHK+Servant+Store, Road Facing, Covered Parking, Lower floors @ 64 Lakhs all incl  

Panchsheel Greens-1, Crossings Republik      2350 sqft           4 BHK+Servant, Park Facing, Covered Parking, middle floors @ 84 lacs all incl  

Mahagun Mascot, Crossings Republic             1255 sqft           2 BHK for sale below 10th floor, Park & Pool Facing@ 39 Lac all inclusive,  

Mahagun Mascot, Crossings Republic             1550 sqft           3 BHK for sale upper floor, @ 47 Lacs all inclusive,  

Supertech Livingston, Crossings Republik      1050 sqft           2 BHK @ 29 lacs upper floor, Rented on 8000 per month  

GH7 Crossings Republik                                    1270 sqft           below 5th floor @ 40 Lacs  

Supertech Livingston, Crossing Republic        1015 sqft           2 BHK   Park Facing, Galaxy tower below 5th floor @ 42 lacs


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Distress Sale Properties in Crossings Republik:

Paramount Symphony, Crossings Republik                  Size 1120 sqft                below7th Floor,44 Lac.

Paramount Symphony                                                      Size 1120 sqft                below 2nd  Floor,46 Lac.

Ajnara Gen X, Crossings Republik                                 Size 1260 sqft                Below 14th Floor,43 lac.

Ajnara Gen X,    Crossings Republik                                Size 1260 sqft                Below 7th Floor,44lac.

Gaur Global Village,      Crossings Republik                   Size 1050 sqft                below 7th Floor,39 lac.

Panchsheel,      Crossings Republik                                Size 1150 sqft                below8th Floor,41 lacs.

Mahagun Mascot, Crossings Republik                          Size 1080 sqft                below 18th Floor,39 lacs.

Arihant, Crossings Republik                                            Size 1260 sqft                below14th Floor,43 lacs.

Panchsheel, Crossings Republik                                    Size 1000 sqft                GH-7,Tower D2,10th Floor,42 lacs


550 sqft 1 BHK  @ 10 Lacs onwards

750 sqft 2 BHK  @ 17 lacs onwards


For all above units, please call Gaurav @ 8218155846





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Sr.         Type                   Project  Name                              Facing                Size (Sqft)         Floor                  Demand

76          2 BHK                Ajnara Gen X, Crossings                                    1050                   5th Below          Call us

890        2 BHK                ASG Group, Crossings                                       1243                   10th Below        37 Lacs All Inc

39          2 BHK                Cloud 9, Indirapuram                 Park                   925                     15th Below        Call us

77          2 BHK                Gaur Global Village, Crossings                         1050                   15th Below        Call us

86          2 BHK                Gaur Global Village, Crossings                         1050                   15th Below        Call us

10          shop                  La Gracia, Crossings                                           290                     Below 5th          Call us

12          Shop                  La Gracia, Crossings                                           214                     Below 5th          Call us

40          Shop                  La Gracia, Crossings                                           380                     Below 5th          Call us

50          Shop                  La Gracia, Crossings                                           170                     Below 5th          Call us

132        Shop                  La Gracia, Crossings                                           215                     Below 5th          Call us

133        Shop                  La Gracia, Crossings                                           185                     Below 5th          Call us

316        Shop                  La Gracia, Crossings                                           320                     Below 5th          Call us

446        Shop                  La Gracia, Crossings                 Front                  275                     Below 5th          Call us

651        Shop                  La Gracia, Crossings                                           130                     Below 5th          Call us

279        Shop                  Panchsheel Square, Crossings                         385                                               Call us



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